OVM was awarded ‘2013 National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprises’

In the list of 2013 national technology innovation demonstration enterprises published by the ministry of industry and information technology and the finance ministry, OVM was the only enterprise on the list in Guangxi and also in prestressing industry in china. OVM gets this award because of the understanding performance of the technology innovation over the past decades of years. The purpose of this national list is to encourage the enterprises to commit to the technical innovation and strengthen the core competitiveness.   
In recent years, OVM committed to the building of technical innovation system ability and strengthen technology innovation strategy, by implementing a series of technical innovations. Within recent three years (2010-2012), OVM undertook 64 scientific research project. including national level project and provicial level project. Until now, OVM has acquired 23 invention patents, 55 patents of utility model and 3 software copyright. At the same time, OVM hosts the draw-up 4 national standard and 2 industry standards and participate in the draw-up of 16 national and industrial standards. Based on the powerful R&D capability, OVM has achieved many technical penetration, including anchoring system for nuclear industry, cryogenic anchoring system, ST high stress amplitude cable anchorage system and LZDJ heavy walking cable crane. These innovation has broken up the monopoly of the overseas competitors and also enhance the competitiveness of OVM in international market.